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Festival & Show Sponsors


Mark Russell would like to thank Jennifer Goodale and Nick Russell for their continued patience and love.For their critical input and support, The UTR Team would also like to thank: Wendy Vanden Hueval, Theresa Buchheiser, Norman Frisch, David Binder, Amy Cassello, Jay Wegman, Kelly Kerwin, BJ Evans,  Heidi Davis, Barry Stagg, Rachel Cook, Philip Bither, Maria Goyanes, Olga Garay-English, Shanta Thake, John McGrath, Virginia Millheiser, Gary Lynch, Kate Hall, Amelie Deuflard, Jim Nicola, Tommy Kriegsman, Sean San Jose, Edgar Miamontes, Colleen Jennings Rogensack, Alex Knowlton, Justin Dewey, Mark Krueger Charitable Trust, Meiyin Wang, and Mia Yoo, Desiree Grenay, Evangelina Grenay, Rodney Grenay, Chantal Thomson, Amy Lau Croyle, Alverneq Lindsay, Patrick McSharry, Natalie McSharry, and Brandon Burk. Kudos to the staff of the Public Theater and all of our partners, especially the artists: the reason we do this festival. Finally, Oskar Eustis and Patrick Willingham for their generous leadership and unstinting support of this festival we made together.

This festival is dedicated to Jeff Weiss, downtown’s Gielgud. “How the Rent Gets Paid”, “Hot Keys” “Cum Clean” were legendary epic shows, written, directed, and starring Jeff and 100’s of actors from Broadway to Off Broadway to Off Off Broadway and beyond. “There is a kinda hush, all over the world